Wyolution’s Kail Presents at Governor’s Forum

Wyolution co-founder, Jared Kail, presented at Governor Matt Mead’s Forum on Wyoming Business today.  “It was truly an honor to be invited to speak along side of men like Herb Allen, Hank McKinnell, James Wolfensohn, Neil McMurry, Tom Scott and so many others,” remarked Jared after the forum. “Wyoming business owners are second to none. I have tremendous respect for all of the people that attended. With a group like that, there is no limit to the things Wyoming can achieve.”

Jared’s presentation focused on drawing inspiration from Wyoming’s rich, colorful, hard-working and entrepreneurial past when guiding decisions that propel us into the future.  To listen to the presentation as it was streamed live, use the player below (note that Jared is the 3rd speaker on the panel):