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Exum Programs Page
Exum Mountain Guides’ Programs page allows visitors to dynamically switch between different program types, and even switch from winter to summer programs, all without leaving the page.

Climbing, skiing and adventuring in the Grand Tetons of Wyoming are amazing experiences, and no one knows that better than Exum Mountain Guides.  Recently Wyolution partnered with Wyoming, Inc. and Exum to develop a site befitting of Exum’s surroundings.  The design features stunning photography from the many Exum guides, along with killer videos and updated content that focuses on the climbing experience.

Technically, Wyolution was able to create a “responsive” site that morphs well to tablet and mobile platforms, while still keeping the beautiful look and feel of the original site.  Using jQuery’s isotope technology, the site features a very flexible page layout that promos Exum’s many programs in a unique and appealing way.

Because Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is so critical in today’s environment, Wyolution created an updated URL structure that is more SEO friendly for search engines, while maintaining past “linkology” so existing indexes and bookmarks didn’t break.  After all, having a gorgeous site doesn’t do much good if no one can find you!

Most people climb the Grand Teton in the summer, when the snow has left the valley and temperatures on the peak are more…hospitable.  Yet, there is a whole group of adventurers that see a 10′ blanket of snow as inviting as a field of wild flowers.  For those people, Exum guides skiing, hosts winter mountaineering courses, and instructs ice climbing throughout the region.  To help Exum cater to both seasons, Wyolution created a site that can morph

Exum on a Samsung Galaxy Tab Mobile Device
Exum on a Samsung Galaxy Tab Mobile Device

into whatever season the visitor desires.  Using dynamic CSS and jQuery-drivin Javascript, everything from slider images to link colors change depending on whether the viewer prefers short sleeves or a down jacket.  The site even adjusts content — the programs a visitor sees — depending on what they are interested in.  When the goal is to convert a web visitor into a “flesh and blood” visitor, providing your audience with exactly what they want is crucial.

Wyoming, Inc. worked hand-in-hand with Exum and Wyolution as the marketing specialists — marrying design and professional content with the technology provided by our developers.  With Exum’s incredible story and images; Wyoming, Inc’s ability to provide consumable information; and Wyolution’s technical skillset, we believe Exum ended up with a beautiful and flexibile site that will serve them, and their clients, well into the future.