KDLY/KOVE Moves to News-Focused Site

Today Wyolution, LLC released it’s newest client site:  kdlykove.com.  This revamped site moves Fremont County’s premier radio station into a more news-focused format.  Sitting on top of a modern website platform, the architecture now allows more granular control over how news items are entered, categorized, and displayed on the site.  This will allow KDLY/KOVE staff to better and more rapidly add articles to the site, and will allow website visitors easier, more robust access to the stories.

Most importantly, the new site allows visitors to comment on articles, creating an engaging, community-focused site that encourages listeners to participate in important issue-focused discussions.

In addition, the site now allows for full editorial control by the station over all page content so they can be more responsive to emerging issues in Fremont County and offer their clients more web-based opportunities.