San Francisco International Airport : A look back ( 2009 ) ( 2009 )

Wyolution provided the technical support amongst a team of vendors tasked with designing, implementing and providing maintenance and support for one San Francisco International Airport’s customer facing web site ( ) from 2006 to 2013.

During that time Wyolution deployed, configured and maintained on a OpenCMS ( a Java and XML based solution ).  It was an extremely stable platform and served tremendous amounts of users a month.

While day-to-day updates and content management were handled by SFO staff, Wyolution built a number of applications that allowed various departments within SFO to manage their content and information with minimal or no technical expertise.  Applications included:

  • Customer Email Management System : A legacy application that was ported as is to the Java platform that managed the correspondence with SFO and travelers to ensure submitted questions and concerns got answered and addressed by the correct people at SFO.
  • Flight Status : The most used application on site allowed visitors to check on arrival and departure information.  Information presented online matched the same information being displayed on flight boards within the terminals.  Our application utilized data aggregated by the vendor ARINC.
  • Jobs Database : SFO managed hundreds of jobs across all the vendors within the terminals.  The jobs application allowed them to quickly post and take down job reqs.

We also provided tier-2 support around the clock in the event of a problem.  If SFO’s support couldn’t resolve a problem, a call would be placed to our 24/7 support system and Wyolution would get involved to address the issue.

SFO was a fantastic organization to work with and we expect them to continue to delivery a site that consistently ranks among the top International websites in the world.

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