Sheridan College Foundation Launches New Site

Sheridan College Foundation
Sheridan College Foundation

The Sheridan College Foundation launched their new site this month at  The site was built to provide the foundation with the ability to easily maintain their own site.  Just a few things they are now able to do include:

  • Loading and managing galleries of photos and placing those photos into Flash players or photo lists throughout the site.
  • Managing the large images on each page.
  • Loading and displaying events.
  • Collecting data through various forms.
  • Managing new releases and articles about the foundation and Alumni.
  • Collect donations.
  • Send newsletters.

Monthly information about the site is also provided in order to determine what content is considered valuable and what can be improved or refined to make the site better.

In the end, the new site allows the foundation to share and promote the hard work they do to better the education of students at Sheridan College.