Fremont County, WY releases new website

Fremont County, WY just released it’s newly redesigned website:  Designed by Wyolution with the needs of the county citizens in mind, it offers in-depth content that is searchable across departments; news, events and job postings that are context appropriate, being filtered when browsing by department, and aggregated on the homepage; and full departmental, secured editing capabilities to keep the site as up-to-date as possible.  This site showcases the folding of multiple disparate county sites in under one county wide umbrella, so all content maintains the same consistent look and feel, navigation, and searchability throughout.

Successful Launch of Referral Program

Wyolution wrote the code for a premier mountain resort company to increase sales through a referral program.  The system leveraged many existing client applications that all needed to be integrated into the final solution in order to provide client with the ability to customize outgoing emails as well as validate referees against previous purchases if they existed.

Wyolution leads launch of Swift’s 26 news sites

One of the new Swift sites recently released

Swift Communications, of Reno, Nevada, launched 26 newspaper sites over the last month.  Wyolution took the lead on system architecture, vendor selection and implementation, and maintained an active role during the implementation of the project.  With Wyolution’s help, Swift was able to take 26 disparate sites and merge them into a single code base, allowing them to leverage maintenance efforts across all sites, implement enterprise-wide enhancements, and share winning strategies across their newspapers.  For Swift’s Internet Ventures Group, the result has been reduced maintenance costs, increased agility with requests, and a 99% success rate with their service level expectations.

Exum Mountain Guides website launched : Exum Mountain Guides : Exum Mountain Guides

Wyolution launched Exum Mountain Guides’ new website today.  This site represents a fresh, new look for Exum, including a new logo, new site design, enhanced site features, and industry-standard content management.  This site allows Exum to keep its content updated frequently, including up-to-date course offerings and a summit register of Teton climbs.  Exum, of Jackson, WY, is the oldest and most prestigious mountain climbing guide service in North America, and guides clients from ages 8 to 80 in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.

New Look and Feel for : Wyoming's Wind River Country : Wyoming's Wind River Country

Today Wyolution released an entire revamp to the look and feel, along with the functionality, of Wind River Visitor Council’s tourism website,  The fantastic layout focuses on bribrant visuals coupled with the already rich content.  The new integration allows for much more interactivity with the user, including interactive map filtering for resources, keyword tags for displaying like-minded content, pod casts, dynamic snow reports and real-time weather updates. a new direction

Today marks a turning point for  a cleaner website integration highly focused on its target audience.  Wyolution lead the initial requirements gathering efforts with the stakeholders, and in conjunction with Swift‘s Internet Ventures Group implemented the new site design and functionality.  The new site boasts a clean, simplified look and feel; an advanced guide that utilizes Google(tm) mapping technology coupled with a wealth of database content; and multi-media integration.

Fremont County Treasurer site launched : Fremont County Treasurer : Fremont County Treasurer

The Fremont County, WY, Treasurer has a new home on the web:  Wyolution worked with Scott Harnsberger, the Fremont County Treasurer, in determining his department’s website needs, creating a ground-up design, and implementing the code.  The site contains a content management tool so the Treasurer’s staff can keep citizens abreast of county news, and includes a repackaged version of the tax lookup and payment features formerly found on the county site.