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When one of the top school districts in Wyoming was ready for a website overhaul, they partnered with Wyolution and PB Communications for UX design, information architecture and development to ensure the new web presence would support students, parents and the public on a wide range of devices.

The project included a content management system that allows staff from the district as well as all 10 schools to update and deliver timely communications. Schools have their homepages with stories and calendars while the district and the main homepage can bubble up and display a story from any of the existing school stories.

As a consumer of Google services, the district utilizes calendars to track academic, sporting and district events across all schools.  We were able to integrate these 50+ calendars into the site thus eliminating the need to build and delivery copies of all these calendars and support the districts initiative to only have to manage a single calendar for any one category of events.

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