Using Data Visualization for Match Status

CMP Match StatsWhen The Civilian Marksmanship Program (the CMP) holds shooting matches, it isn’t a group of guys plinking at targets out behind town.  These are the premier shooting events held in the US, in which thousands of competitors – from military sharp shooters to amateur shooting enthusiasts – compete.  Wyolution has worked hand in hand with the CMP to develop software that handles the logistics behind the competitor registration, match operations, and results tracking of all of their sanctioned events.

One area of recent improvement to the system dealt with match registrations.  When you have 2,500 competitors showing up for a match, staffing resources to handle the registration and check-in is an event in itself.  Prior to the fall of 2013, the CMP had to run reports and tailor the data with past experience to understand how the match was progressing.  Wyolution turned to data visualization to help make this process more clear.

Now the CMP can tell at a glance how registrations are progressing; how many shooters have been verified as part of a match; how many entrants have cancelled; and the % of participants that have checked into the match.  This “at a glance” view has helped the CMP plan for staffing as well as get a clearer picture on the historical trends surrounding the dynamics of match participation.