Fremont Counseling Service has new home on the Web

This month Wyolution teamed up with Fremont Counseling Service to give them a new presence on the web.  FCS dedicates its funding where it needs to be — providing Fremont County residents with top-notch mental health and substance abuse services.  Unfortunately that leaves little left for things like web development.  “We appreciate all FCS does for Fremont County, so when they came to us asking for advice on how to improve their web presence, we saw an opportunity to give back to  our community,” said Jared Kail, partner at Wyolution.  With that in mind, Wyolution worked with FCS staff to create a simple site that allows for low-cost-of-maintenance while presenting information to clients in a clear and concise manner.

Wendy White, FCS, explains, “We appreciate Wyolution helping us move from a site that was hard to manage to one that allows me to get information out to our clients quickly.  It makes a huge difference in how I work with the web.”  Please visit Fremont Counseling Service on the web at